Thank you for visiting our site. Some of you may not have been to Cookstown before, so let me welcome you to our town and particularly to our congregation. Details of the denominational family, throughout Ireland, to which we belong can be found at (link above). Loy Hill, in the centre of Cookstown, has been the site of our place of corporate worship for many years as you will see in our history. People come and go here all week to attend the various church organisations and on a Sunday to our services of worship. We must never think, however, that church is about "going to church" or even "coming from church" but rather that people are the church. When Jesus Christ formed a group around him, we are told that he "called" them. So the Greek word for church (ekklesia) reminds us the church is a "called people".  Our church is not just buildings on Loy Hill, but the church is, in the words of a hymn by Carol Ikeler, wherever God's people are praising, are walking in His way, helping,caring for neighbours in sickness and need and sharing the words of the Bible in gift and in deed! That is who we are by the grace of God. Our forefathers could never have dreamt that one day we would be sharing with you in such a way as through this web site. Let us know that you have visited us and we look forward to welcoming you in real space soon to Cookstown.                    
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Clerk of Kirk Session: Gordon Black Assistant Clerk of Kirk Session: Colin Rea
First Presbyterian Church Cookstown.
The Present Congregation
  A Kirk Session of 18 Elders.  A Pastoral Assistant Minister,The Very Rev Dr Andrew R. Rodgers. Sunday Services are at 11.30am and 7.00pm (During the months of July and August the times are 11.00am and 7.00pm with Junior and Sunday Senior Sunday School and Bible  Class from 10.15am-11.00am  There is also a full programme for adults and children during the week,details of which can be obtained from our calendar.
Finding us:
Hydrangeas outside Church
The attractive Hall doorway
Loy Hill has been our place of worship since 1764
Minister: The Rev Dr J Isaac Thompson.
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH COOKSTOWN Members of the PW are willing to cater for groups visiting the area and offer morning coffee, lunches and evening meals (hot or cold) If interested please contact: Anne Thompson: Tel (028) 867 63296 or  by email:   Above link may not work with some browsers. We would enjoy catering for you.
(Founded 1646)
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Sunday School photo 30 years ago?


 Wednesday7.00 pm Church Walk led by Sandra Rea to the south end of Cookstown. Come and share some knowledge about this end of town! Meet at church car park at 7.00 pm—everyone very welcome! Friday 12.30 pm Wedding of Shelley Anderson and John Clements in First Next Sunday {Note: July/August, morning service is at 11.00}

11.00 am 7.00 pm Very Revd Dr Andrew Rodgers (Pastoral Assistant)

September 2014

Monday 1 PW meets in Morrison Room at 8.00 pm—Maud Kells will give update on her work in the DR Congo. All welcome.

Friday 5 Table Quiz-Cookstown Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 pm—all welcome!

Sunday 7 The Sacrament of The Lord’s Supper at 7.00 pm

Tuesday 9 Congregational Committee in The Morrison Room at 8.00 pm

Wed’day 10 Quarterly Evening of Prayer in The Loft at 8.00 pm

Monday 15 Christian Aid Committee in The Minister’s Room at 7.00 pm

Wed’day 17 Kirk Session in The Morrison Room at 8.00 pm

Friday 26 “Celebrating the Four Seasons” - Flower Festival in Cookstown Methodist Church, 4.00—9.00 pm; Saturday, 10.00 am—8.00 pm; Sunday 2.00—6.00 pm. Morning Coffee and afternoon teas available. Group bookings with Roberta on 86766606 or 07900 852598

Sunday 28 Harvest Thanksgiving in Cookstown Methodist Church at 7.00 pm—Revd Dr Brian Fletcher (former President); soloist: Mrs Karen Marsden-Orr (Downtown Radio)


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